NEW 265 chromatica in our showroom

NEW 265 chromatica in our showroom 1440 1905 Polenoo

265 was designed by Paolo Rizzatto in 1973; it marked the Italian architect’sfirst foray into product design and lighting, and one that set the basis for awider thinking into objects and illumination.

The design of Rizzatto’s 265 is as simple and intuitive as it is technical and precise: a suspended wall lamp comprising a head and weight, each balanced at the extremities of an adjustable arm, and attached to the wall in an asymmetric position. In Rizzatto’s design, each part featured a specifically chosen primary colour: the head, the most important element, was drawn in red, the weight was yellow and the connecting arm, blue. The lamp was eventually produced in more muted shades, and while it is normally available in black and white, Rizzatto’s original colour proposal is now making its way onto the Flos catalogue to celebrate the architect’s original thinking

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