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About us


In cooperation  with architects, designers and project engineers, Iluma has been working on lighting systems design and their implementation utilizing over 35 years of combined experience in ligting field. Our additional experience in theatrical lighting is an added bonus in the creative process of lighting design.

As a result of our close relationship with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and the Faculty of Architecture, we have access to new trends and Technologies. Our relationship aslo provides us with the opportunity of participating in the training of future lighting consultants and architects.

Periodically, Iluma organizes educational seminars for both architects and electrical engineers. To Iluma, an architect is our partner. We work togther helping them bring their ideas to life.

The success of a project is not measured from a financial point of view, but rather from our client`s satisfaction and fulfillment of the achitect`s plans.

Thanks to our individual approach to light design, each project is an accentuation of the main idea and therefore bears a seal of uniqueness.

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